I have some awesome wedding timeline tips just for you. I want your schedule to be super easy to plan and organise. It’s important to think about the timings of your day as you’re sending out your wedding invitations and ordering different bits of wedding decor. This blog is going to delve into each section of the day so you have an idea as to how long you need for photographs for instance. So sit back, have a read and let me know if my wedding day timeline tips helped you.

Wedding Timeline Tips

A timeline and photo list is so important for wedding photography. I work with all my couples on the timeline of their wedding day to make sure we always have enough time for photographs but with my relaxed approach. A couple shouldn’t feel rushed or that they’ve stood solidly for hours taking photographs. The whole point is we’re having a blast together and making memories and I’m a sucker for the natural candid photographs. So we always prepare together. I will always make suggestions or offer advice and give my honest opinion with the timings. I think this is so important so that expectations are met and silly things you might never have thought of are factored in.

Bridal Preparations – Minimum Two Hours

So I’ll start right at the beginning of a wedding day. Your hair stylist and make-up artist will work with you on what time they’re going to arrive at bridal preparations. I love everything to be in full swing as I arrive and to capture the excitement of the day ahead. So I like to give myself about two hours to photograph the wedding morning. So this is the start of your wedding timeline.

Wedding Ceremony – 30 Minutes to an Hour

While bridal preparations are well under way, your wedding guests will start to arrive at your ceremony about forty five minutes before the ceremony time. Depending on the venue, they’ll also seat your guests about ten minutes before you’re due to arrive. A civil ceremony can take twenty to thirty minutes, while a church ceremony is closer to an hour. Factor in travel times too, so if your reception venue is somewhere different, take this into consideration when thinking of your timeline.

bride groom wedding ceremony derwydd mansion

Wedding Photographs, Drinks & Fun! – Minimum Two Hours

You’re married! Hurrah! So now we’re onto wedding photographs, drinks and fun. I suggest a minimum of two hours for this. If you can have a bit longer, then all the better! This two hour gap is my perfect time for a mixture of different shots. I love capturing natural moments, for instance wedding guests mingling, laughing over drinks. A confetti shot, I mean who doesn’t love a confetti shot?! I love to make sure I’ve got the ‘formal’ family photographs you want, as well as fun bridesmaid and groomsmen shots. This all takes time and not just the taking photographs, but the rallying up everyone.

confetti run bride groom derwydd mansion

family wedding photographs derwydd mansion

In this two hour window of your wedding timeline, I also want to shoot couple portraits. This time away from your guests is so important. You’ll actually get to see each other (woo hoo!) you’ll get to chat to each other and giggle that you’ve just done it. You just got flipping married!! But seriously the longer you have for photographs, you’ll be far more relaxed, especially with your couple portraits. In between all of this, you also want to see your guests. So while two hours may seem like a long time, for me it’s important that you get to enjoy seeing everyone too. The less time you have the less relaxed it may be as the window to capture everything is a lot smaller.

couples wedding portraits derwydd mansion

bride groom holding hands derwydd mansion

Wedding Breakfast – Minimum Two Hours

Now it’s time for food (hurray! the best part of any wedding timeline) two hours to eat, drink and be merry! With either speeches before or after. Some speeches are short and sweet, while some are longer and have us in stitches. But again it’s something to consider with your evening guests due to arrive. Will they catch the end of the speeches? Or will everything be successfully wrapped up in time?

wedding breakfast derwydd mansion

wedding speeches couple laughing derwydd mansion

wedding speeches photography derwydd mansion

Evening Do

Most evening guests will arrive around 7pm. So it’s great to know that everything is scheduled to finish before your evening guests arrive. Depending on the weather and time of year, I also suggest doing a few more couple photographs while the sun is getting softer. The most perfect way to end the most incredible, happy and fun day.

First Dance & Party!

Most first dances are around 8pm and are the best way to start your evening do and the perfect way to open up the dancefloor. After the most epic day, onto one of my favourite bits, you can now party the night away! YAY!!

first dance bride groom derwydd mansion wedding photography

I know there’s a lot to think about with wedding planning. I’m sure you didn’t even think about timings other than your ceremony time. Things do over run and timings do change slightly on the day. But it’s important to have an idea as to how your day will be. We plan and organise together, so you can let your hair down knowing that the photos you want are captured. That’s just how I roll at Michelle Huggleston HQ.

Your day will fly by in the blink of an eye, so let’s not waste a second! You can get a FREE timeline tips guide when you sign up to my Newsletter. This PDF has an amazing timeline all laid out in the back of the PDF. Head to my home page to find out more. You can see Catrin and Seb’s beautiful boho full wedding over here. This blog post is all about their incredible day at Derwydd Mansion. If you have any questions send me a message, I’m always happy to help and love to chat weddings.