I absolutely loved being part of Bethan and Luke’s day and capturing their New Years Eve Wedding Photography last year at Caerhyn Farm. Some of you might think a New Years Eve wedding wouldn’t work, but for me, it was a perfect day. I always feel at a loose end on New Years, always last minute plans, not quite sure what to do. So for me this wedding was perfect, I love working so I was in my element capturing their day. The wedding guests, loved it too. Firstly they got to see two people that they love marry and then spend the day laughing, drinking and partying with everyone around them. After enjoying Bethan and Luke’s day so much, I thought it would be great to share some tips with couples considering having a New Years Eve wedding.

How to Throw a Killer New Years Eve Wedding

Dress to Kill.

Obviously the bride, groom and wedding party should dress to kill (this goes without saying). But ask your guests to really dress up. If they’re like me, they’ll love an excuse anyway and encouragement from the couple always helps.

Wedding Entertainment.

I’d can’t recommend this enough in any wedding, especially when I’ve taken the newly weds off for photographs. Bethan and Luke really thought about this. As guests were mingling over drinks and canapes, they also had close-up magician Luke perform magic for their guests. He is fantastic and moves around the room entertaining everyone, so it feels like no time has passed at all.

Book a Photographer Capture some Shapes on the Dancefloor.

Well, I am a photographer, so I thought I should mention the photography side, haha! I’d have a think about how long you want the photographer to stay. Some might go as soon as possible. And then some of us will stay and capture the madness on the dancefloor. These are always some of my favourite photographs!

Dance the Night Away.

Get a great band or DJ, fill up the dancefloor and have a ball. Dance the night away, it’s rare to get so many of your favourite people in one place anyway, but seeing in New Years together too?! Well that’s just incredible.

Book Buses Home.

Depending on your venue, and accommodation, I’d suggest booking buses to certain places to make sure guests get home and aren’t stressed out booking a taxi. It makes it so much more relaxed for those guests not staying the night.

New Years Eve Wedding Photography

Of course my big recommendation will be the photography. My biggest tip always, is to really book a photographer who suits you and your style. Someone you really get along with and you know will be great on your wedding day. And lets face it capturing your New Years Eve wedding photography should be ridiculously fun for any wedding photographer.

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