Hello you lovely lot, is this you? I find so many couples dread the thought of a rainy day wedding. Especially being a South Wales wedding photographer, it’s good to have a back up plan and lots of ideas. So I thought I’d put your mind at ease and remind you to embrace rain on your wedding day. The weather can’t change but the way we respond to it can. It’s not ideal, but we will survive! I want you to not stop smiling on your wedding day. Rain or shine let’s have an absolute ball. I want to help in anyway I can with your wedding planning. Here are my wet weather wedding tips. These tips help you to prepare in advance, so by the time your day comes you can let your hair down and know that no matter what the weather, you’re going to have the best day ever!

1. Be Prepared

My first tip for a rainy day wedding is to always plan for rain. I think you should do this from the get go anyway. When you start wedding planning and you’re looking at wedding venues, look at the venue in the rain. Plan for rain, can you do all your group shots inside? Would you be happy with all your couples shots being done inside? Is there enough space for everyone indoors? The more you plan for it the less it’ll bother you, and it really shouldn’t bother you one bit. Remember the only thing we can control is our attitude to the weather.

Joules wellies and bridal bouquet

2. Get Creative

The bonus of a wet wedding is we get more creative. It might be light rain it might be awful. I’ll always encourage a bride and groom to pop an umbrella up in light rain. But sometimes we know this isn’t possible. So I like to get creative, using window light and using windows themselves. The bonus is here you get images that are totally unique because we’re thinking totally outside the box. We also get to show other aspects of your chosen wedding venue. Look at Lynzi and Sean’s window photos, there is no way we would’ve thought to do this with beautiful weather. But these were some of my favourite shots of their day and totally unique to their wedding. Get creative with your photographer, and choose the right photographer for you who you can have fun with.

bride and groom stood separately in window

3. It Won’t Rain for the Whole Day – Your Wedding Timeline Won’t Change

Your wedding timeline won’t change due to bad weather. I’m with you all day, communicating and making sure everything runs smoothly. I’ve seen rain happen so many times whether the wedding is UK based or a wedding abroad. Rain on your wedding day, doesn’t last for the whole day. It might pour down at certain points of the day, but on most wedding days there’s a break in the weather. I might adapt your schedule slightly, so for instance if you’re eating and there’s a break in the weather. I’ll definitely be suggesting going outside for ten minutes. But your schedule stays the same, we just adapt to the weather and location. This is something I control with your wedding coordinators, so you don’t worry about a thing. Remember just be game for wedding photographs, no matter what the weather.

4. Wedding Umbrellas

Again prepare for bad weather, prepare that it might rain on your wedding day. But rain doesn’t have to be a massive disappointment, you can embrace it and have fun with props. Get some colourful wedding umbrellas, get some clear wedding umbrellas or ones in your wedding colours. You can have fun shots with your bridesmaids and groomsmen. If it’s light rain, I’ll always ask you to pop outside with an umbrella, you can always say no. But they can be such beautiful photographs and show that you’re having an absolute ball on your wedding.

bride walking in rain

5. Wedding Wellies

One of my favourite weddings was an outdoor wedding in Glanusk Estate, where it rained for a massive part of the day. They had a tipi in a field and all the guests wore wellies due to the bad weather. But all the guests had an absolute blast wearing them. There was such a fun array of colourful wellies on guests. The bridesmaids wore light up wellies too and loved being in flat shoes! There is so much fun you can have if you plan and embrace the weather for what it will be.

bride wellies and grooms shoesMy biggest tip of all for a rainy day wedding is not to worry at all. You’ve chosen your photographer to do their job, let them. You’ve chosen your venue because you love it.

Please don’t worry about the weather. You’re getting married, rain or shine we’re going to have the most incredible day together. If you do have a rainy day wedding, embrace the rain, have fun with it. Make sure you’re having fun no matter what. As the saying goes “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain” so let’s dance and have the best time doing it!

I have another blog coming next week, but in the meantime head to my blog for many more creative weddings and wedding tips, pop the kettle on and have a nose. Have any questions, or want to enquire head to my contact page and tell me everything.