Polaroid wedding photography is really something special. I’ve always loved Polaroid, I remember being six years old and seeing my friends mother using a Polaroid camera. It was the first time I’d seen anything like it. It was like magic seeing this image develop in front of my eyes. Everytime I photograph using Polaroid I still feel like that six year old. I get excited by how the Polaroid photograph will develop.

I’ve always incorporated Polaroid into my wedding photography. There is something so beautiful about having a one of a kind photograph. The flaws are what make it, the imperfections are the thing that make Polaroid film so beautiful. During a bride and groom’s couple session on their wedding day, I photograph as I usually would. But I also love to mix it up and photograph film using an Original Polaroid camera. We’re never quite sure how they’ll turn out, but this is the beauty of instant film.

Testing out the new Polaroid Originals film was extremely exciting for me. I really wanted to use it as I would during a wedding, getting the couple to interact with each other laugh and joke. I also loved that this test shoot took place on a rainy cold day in March. It wasn’t the ideal circumstances that you usually see from a photo shoot. There was no sunshine but like on a wedding day, you can’t change the weather but you can always have fun with it.

Polaroid wedding photography is perfect for a vintage wedding feel. Adding something that little bit different to your wedding day photographs. If this sounds like you, then I’d love to hear all about you and your date. Get in touch and tell me all about your day and how much you love Polaroid too!