Stuck? Not sure what to do? You’ve heard about intimate or micro weddings, but not sure what they are, or even where to begin? I’m here to tell you exactly what they are, and the first steps on how to begin planning.

Whether a smaller wedding is your plan A,B or all the way to Z. I’m here to help. Weddings are incredible and they come in all shapes and sizes. And guess what? They’re all super duper with a cherry on top incredible, so don’t forget that!

What is a Small Intimate Wedding?

Let’s start right at the beginning. What even is a small wedding? With 2020 happening and weddings adapting to the change. A lot of couples decided they still wanted to go for it! They want to go ahead and marry.

Simply, an intimate or micro wedding is a wedding with fewer guests. You could elope with just the two of you or have your nearest and dearest there. You can still do everything you planned. Getting ready like you would’ve. Saying the legal ‘I Dos’, the confetti, the family photos and couple photos. Under some circumstances you also might be able to have a reception.

They are full of fun too, because you’re planning it!! Intimate weddings just mean you can spend more time with the people that really are at the top of your guest list. You can put as much fun into your day as you like. It’s your day so plan however you’d like.

Is an Intimate Micro Wedding for You?

Now that you know what a smaller wedding actually means. Next, is really deciding, is this for you. Intimate weddings aren’t for everyone. You have a few options to consider; marry now and party later; elope; go ahead and postpone (please keep all your wonderful suppliers involved in your plans though) and also go ahead with a smaller micro wedding. 

If you’ve decided yes this is definitely for you, then have that discussion together. Next, really consider what is important to you both. What aspects of the day mean the most? And how ideally you’d like your day to be. Once you’ve got a list together you can start planning. Discussing venue options (if allowed) keeping in touch with suppliers and so on.

Need More Help?

Remember the pandemic may influence restrictions and therefore affect your wedding numbers. But it doesn’t affect the feel of your wedding day, please don’t think small means less. It means a more VIP guest list, it means more lavish decor and ultimately, it’s saying those vows out loud in front of those family members and friends that really matter. It’s going to be incredible, because you’re planning it!!

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Like always I’m here to help so please if you need anything, I’m always at the end of an email or on Instagram. If you’re planning a South Wales wedding, or somewhere further, like Bath, Bristol or even London, I’d love to hear what plans you have in mind.

There’s lots of intimate wedding inspiration, showing exactly how smaller weddings look (exactly them same!) over on my blog.