My wedding venue photography tips. You’ve just started wedding planning and the best place to start is choosing your venue and setting a date (YIPPEE!). I know choosing somewhere can be tricky, almost daunting. I’m sure you’ve already read some top tips about, sticking to a budget, writing a guest list, making sure you like the food, considering things like corkage. The list could go on when wedding venue hunting. But fear not, I wanted to do something a little bit different and to share some of my wedding venue photography tips from a different point of view.

Wedding Venue Photography Tips

There are so many options and ideas out there from hotel weddings, to rustic barn weddings to a total DIY wedding in a field. You really can do anything. One of my favourites has been a tipi wedding outdoors in Glanusk Estate. Totally unique and totally different. Why was it one of my favourites you ask? It totally summed up the couples interests and they weren’t scared to think outside of the box and choose what they loved.

When I approach the photography of any wedding venue, I’m looking at the character of the venue. You booked this venue for your day and I think it’s important to use different aspects. Whether that be a wall decorated in a cool wallpaper, or a rustic door or a beautiful area of a Manor House or maybe a venue next to a beach.

The Venue is your Backdrop

The venue that you choose is the backdrop for pretty much all your photographs. So whether it is dry or unfortunately raining. The inside and outside play a massive part in your day. So you have to consider the possibility that if it did rain is the indoor space big enough for guests to mingle and for things like your wedding photographs. Will you enjoy the whole day if you couldn’t venture outside due to the weather? Or perhaps there’s lots of big trees to cover for shelter (if it’s raining or too bright). Equally if it’s a beautiful day is there places for guests to enjoy the dry weather? And do you like the grounds and the view that the venue have? Is it exclusive do you, if not will this bother you?

The time of year could be a factor. If it’s out of season, will the grounds look the same? Will they be muddy, even if it’s a dry day? Perhaps you’ve got your heart set on photographs that use lots of natural light, but want a Winter wedding. (I’m always looking for window light whatever the venue!) This would be great with a venue with lots of windows. And of course with it being Winter consider the time you’re getting married to get the most natural light possible.

My most important top tip is to choose a wedding venue first and foremost that you both absolutely love, this is the most important tip of all. It’s your day so make sure it’s everything you love.

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