This blog post is all about wedding tips for your drinks reception. I know how wedding planning can sometimes feel like jumping over hurdles. You do one thing and another one crops up. Your venue are asking for your timeline and you have no idea how long to have for this and that. Firstly please check out my Wedding Timeline blog for more helpful tips for your overall wedding day, if you’re at this stage.

Wedding Tips for your Drinks Reception

Today I want to go more in depth about wedding tips for your drinks reception, the two hour gap for drinks, photos and seeing your guests. I ask my couples for a minimum of two hours for this part of the day. It sounds like a lot, but honestly there is a lot to get through. Guests of course want to congratulate you on just getting hitched (woo hoo!). Then there’s confetti, a big group shot (if you want it). Family formal shots, shots with bridesmaids and groomsmen, informal/candid shots and your couple photographs. And you want to chat and enjoy. Yep like I said, a lot!

Formal Wedding Photographs

So what can you do to make this part of the day smoother you ask? Before the day itself, I send you out a form for you to fill out and send back to me. I like to be organised!! This form includes things like having reliable helpers (which I’ll get to in a bit) and then having your photo list.

With your formal photo list (this is purely the photos looking straight at the camera) keep your list short, with a maximum eight different groups. I’ll be shooting candids throughout the day, so at any point you can ask for an informal shot with so and so. So for the formal list it needs to be photos you’re actually going to print out. I think smaller group shots look nicer than having massive groups. I suggest something like you both with each of your parents, then with siblings and of course grandparents. Each wedding is unique so the formal photo list is always up to you.

Each group shot can easily take four minutes each. The big group shot can take ten to fifteen minutes. And I like to have fun with the bride and the bridesmaids and groom and the groomsmen, so this will definitely be closer to ten minutes each. Like I said there’s a lot to get through.

Wedding Helpers

So this brings me to my next point. Have two reliable helpers to help out on the day, tell me who they are in advance. One for the bride’s side and one for the groom’s side. When I say reliable I mean just that. You need people that know who guests are and you need helpers who aren’t going to just head to the bar. I’m sure this has happened to most wedding photographers and it is awful, especially when you and the couple are waiting for them to bring guests back and it just isn’t happening. So we want two helpers, who will get the job done and help. While I’m photographing, the helpers are rallying up the next group for the photographs. I like to get the formal photos shot pretty much straight after the ceremony so I like all hands on deck. And having these helpers, really does streamline your photos.

Couples Portraits

After all of this I like to go off for about twenty minutes for your couples portraits. Depending on the weather and time of year I might photograph you again for thirty minutes in the evening. But I like to photograph at both parts of the day, because you can never tell what the weather will do. Going off for your couples portraits, you’ll enjoy the time away and actually see each other. You’ll enjoy the moment that it sinks in, that you just flipping did it… you just got married.

If you have any questions about this blog post ‘Wedding Tips for your Drinks Reception’, or have your own wedding tips for your drinks reception, please message me. I’d love to put your mind at ease. I really hope these wedding tips are useful to you. You can see more of my blogs on the blogs section of my site. And message me via my contact page. But for now enjoy last years Summer wedding at Sketty Hall in Swansea.