I’ve been asked about this topic A LOT! Whether it is from newly engaged couples, or those closer to their big day. They are all wanting advice on wedding photography portrait locations. These are the locations where a couple will have their couple portraits taken on their wedding day. You know the time away from your guests when you just realised you just flipping did it!! You just got married!! I love this time away because a couple actually get to see each other. I think it’s so important to have just a little bit of time away for it to all sink in.

Wedding Photography Portrait Locations

Truthfully, I was a bit stuck when I got asked this question about tips on wedding photography portrait locations. Each and every wedding and location is unique so I can’t suggest particular places to go for your couple portraits. And this is why you book me, because of all my experience, my ideas and my creativity. My excitement of capturing wedding photography at different locations and my unique vision. No two weddings are the same, no two couples are the same. I love to show this through wedding photographs because, why would yours look the same as the next couple I shot? This is why you book certain wedding photographers, you love their approach and style.

Wedding Venues

As a wedding photographer I have to work with what you’ve booked with regards to location and venue. Everywhere I have shot for couples portraits has either been part of the wedding venue or close by. And this goes back to my wedding venue blog post. Your venue is your backdrop for your wedding photographs, so make sure you love it. It’s that simple (and also view your venue on a rainy day!) I can’t take you to a beach if you’re getting married in a city and I can’t create urban style wedding photographs when your wedding location is a Manor House with beautiful grounds. But what I can do is love the vision of your day, love that you chose the Manor House because it is the perfect choice for you as a couple. Find unique aspects of the venue that I love and have ridiculous amounts of fun creating couple portraits. And together, we collaborate as a team.

If you want to find out a little bit more about me, have a look at the about me section. Check out my previous blog posts for some inspiration for your own unique wedding photography portrait locations.