Did I ever mention I love organisation? And boy do I LOVE a list! I’m one of those that adds to a to-do list, just to cross off what I’ve done. When you work with me on your wedding photography, we work on a wedding photo list together. This is purely for the ‘formal’ photos, looking straight at the camera. Or as I like to call it, my Photography Plan. This Photography Plan is a document with your schedule and formal wedding photo list. This is so you can relax fully on your day, knowing that I know exactly what is happening and what photos you want to treasure forever.

I spend a wedding day capturing a mixture of different shots. I love shooting documentary style, as the day is unfolding. I’m doing this throughout the whole day, as well as candids of guests and informal shots. I like to mix this up with some couple shots (of course!) and some family shots. I’d love to capture purely informal shots, however since you’re all grouped together, I like to capture a handful of you looking at the camera too. These shots look beautiful in a frame. I’m so organised and pretty swift (if I do say so myself) that they’re over in no time (virtual fist bump!!)

Wedding Photo List Tips

To help you plan at home I wanted to share some family wedding photo list tips and tricks to make it less stressful and so much easier.

Keep Your List Short & Sweet

My first tip is to really think about which photographs you’ll actually print out. Sounds obvious and a tad silly, I know, but I want your wedding photo list to be as quick and easy as possible. So I like to shoot your formal photographs, purely with immediate family. This differs from couple to couple. But my big tip is, think about which photos will mean the most to you, which you’ll print out and frame.

Next, keep your wedding photo list short and sweet. Each photo could take about four minutes each by the time we rally up your guests. So if you have eight different group shots (not including your big group shot) this can take up to thirty two minutes, give or take.

State The Obvious

My next tip is to state the obvious! If you want a shot with someone, make sure you ask your photographer. This doesn’t have to be a formal photo either. This could be as you’re having drinks asking me to capture you both. State the obvious, I’m never going to assume you wanted a shot with your Great Aunt Jean, especially if you didn’t ask or have it on your wedding photo list.

If you can, think about your group size, small groups look nicer, which is why on my Photography Plan I suggest the one big group shot. It means everyone has been captured. And you also get your family photographs to frame.


Also mention VIPs. I like to know if there are any special circumstances, if there is anything I should be made aware of; maybe some family disagreements, (yep it happens and it’s best that I’m in the loop, rather than gathering guests up together).

Forgotten someone? It happens, we don’t make a big deal of it. On the day you simply whisper in my ear that you totally forgot so and so. I call for them, and we capture their photo with you, super simple.

So like I said, keep your wedding photo list short and sweet and communicate with your photographer on what family wedding photographs you really do want. I’m hoping some of my wedding photo list tips  help make your photo list so much easier. Remember if you’re working with me on your wedding photography, I send you my Photography Plan six weeks before your wedding. In the meantime my tips and tricks are something to consider.

I have lots more other wedding tips on my blog, one of my favourite posts being my wedding timeline tips. There really isn’t anything to stress or worry about. Enjoy the planning, enjoy writing your photo list. I’ve got you and will make sure we have an absolute ball doing all of this together. If you’d like to read more about me Michelle, a South Wales wedding photographer, (I’m pretty cool, in a dorky kinda way!) then head to my about me page. I’d love to be part of your wedding day, helping giving you some tips or capturing your photos to treasure.