Wales Wedding Photography at Metropole Hotel

I first met Sioned and Josh to discuss their relaxed wedding photography in a coffee shop in Mid Wales. I’d been recommended to them by an old friend who I knew in art school, who just so happened to be Sioned’s brother’s girlfriend. Sarah is also the girl who managed to catch the bouquet on the dancefloor! (Check out the photos below!) Over coffee they told me all about their day, that they wanted a fun and laid back wedding in the sunshine (right up my street, and yes it did shine!) They also had ideas of doing things a little bit different. Oh how I LOVE hearing that couples just want to do things their way, this for me is the most important bit of all. Read on to hear all about this extra part of their day.

Wales Wedding Photography

The day itself was a bank holiday in August and it was sunny (woo hoo!) I was thrilled, guests got to relax in the sunshine, children got to run around and the grounds of the Metropole Hotel were in full use. After the church ceremony but before we got to the Metropole Hotel, Sioned and Josh wanted to make an important stop at the local hospital. I’m such a strong believer in planning your wedding your way. There are no rules to follow, do what makes you happy.

With this quick stop to the nearby hospital it meant we had less time in the day for photographs. But for Sioned and Josh visiting family members in the hospital was so much more important. I was invited into the room to take photographs of them with family members and I have to admit I had a little cry when I headed to the Metropole Hotel for the wedding reception. It was such a beautiful moment to be part of, and it really sums up what a warm couple these two are.

Wales Wedding Photography Testimonial

Sioned wrote such a beautiful testimonial on my social media, that I just had to share:

“Highly recommend Michelle! My sneak peak photos are amazing and I can’t wait to see the rest!! So many great comments from family and friends about how great Michelle was on our wedding day. Very relaxed but organised and happy to capture anything myself or guests wanted throughout the day! Michelle arrived early for bridal preparations and stayed right through until after the first dance. She also stopped off with us at the hospital to photograph us with my Grandad who couldn’t make it to the wedding. Such a lovely photographer and will definitely be recommending to others! Thank you!! Xxx”

So tell me, how are you doing things your way with your wedding? I’d love to hear what different touches you’re doing and the wedding day you’re planning. I have lots more real weddings on the ‘blog’ section of my website. Each one full of love yet all totally unique, just like the couple themselves.