Something a little bit different from me. I wanted to share some different photography for a change and since I travelled to Venice last week. I thought I’d share some of my holiday photographs. And how I became a Venice photographer for a couple of days!

Venice is just a place of beauty, I’ve been once before, but did a bit more research this time. I usually travel with my iPhone and take photos just on that. But this holiday, I decided to travel with an SLR and a 50mm lens while exploring this city of Venice. Each corner of Venice, each twist turn and bridge is beautiful. The colour, the decor, even the decay is a work of art in itself. I spent hours just looking at the buildings while travelling on the bus boat along The Grand Canal.

If you’re going to Venice you have to make the sort trip to Burano, it was recommended to me countless times and it did not disappoint. A sea of vibrant painted houses, each unique and beautiful. They’re so much fun and I almost felt they injected life into me, the colours just made me smile so much. I can’t believe I hadn’t seen these homes before. Of course as soon as I saw them I immediately felt inspired, planning my own wedding photography and portrait photography shoots there.

On the last day, like many other places I visit. I saw a bride and groom with their wedding photographer walking down passed the Rialto Bridge. I of course had to get a couple of shots as they walked passed. Then I walked into a local food market and carried on being a tourist.

If you’re thinking of going to Venice, do it. We’re already planning on going back very soon. If you’re thinking of doing an engagement shoot ir perhaps you’re getting married there and looking for a destination wedding photographer, then of course this Welsh girl can become a Venice photographer for a few days! Get in touch to find out more.




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