Sarah and Darren chose me to be their South Wales Wedding Photographer at Court Colman Manor. I was so excited when I heard their ideas for a laid back day with family and friends. They had family from all over the world visiting, so it was really important for it to be a relaxed day for all their guests to enjoy.

The Wedding Day

Like so many weddings in Wales while the forecast says sunshine and we hope for the best, but sometimes we have the odd shower. As soon as Sarah arrived at the church of course the heavens opened up. But the rainy walk from the car to the church didn’t phase her at all. Smiling from ear to ear undercover an umbrella, she was so excited that this was her wedding day. And like any day in Wales we like to enjoy all weathers in one day, haha! As soon as we got to Court Colman Manor, the weather totally changed and the sun shone. The guests got to enjoy drinks on the lawns and the children playing garden games. With Sarah and Darren wanting to see more of their guests we shot all of their couple portraits in the evening after food and a few drinks.

Couples Portraits

The grounds really are incredible there is so much around Court Colman, we wanted to use everything. We walked around the front and back of the manor and took photos throughout. I particular always love the greenhouse. I absolutely adore this part of Court Colman and I’m so happy we managed to use it at this wedding.

South Wales Wedding Photographer

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