I find some couples are stumped when it comes to engagement photography, firstly ‘is there any point to having a pre-wedding photoshoot?’ Absolutely, there certainly is!! I wrote a whole blog dedicated to the advantages of an engagement session. My main point being it’s a great practice run. I find every couple are just so much more relaxed on their wedding day after doing one. Which for me is the biggest bonus of all. Secondly I get asked a lot by couples, ‘where do you suggest for our pre-wedding photoshoot?’

Pre-wedding Photoshoot Locations

Being a Cardiff wedding photographer, I wanted to write a post super helpful about a handful of perfect engagement photography locations. Keep in mind you as a couple, you want the location to be somewhere you perhaps love or a place you got engaged, or maybe where you had your first date. I also suggest choosing somewhere you can’t travel to on your wedding day. This way one of your favourite places can be part of the celebration too. So with this in mind please enjoy some perfect engagement photography location ideas. If you have any of your own, I’d love to hear from you.

Woodland Area

A woodland area is a perfect location for a pre-wedding photoshoot. You can bring your fur babies and go for a relaxed walk through a forest. I like to stop along the way using the trees as the backdrop. By going for a walk it’s almost like you forget you’re having your photograph taken. A big plus is at different times of the year, you can get such beautiful colours through the leaves, so each season offers a different colourful backdrop for couple photos.


I love shooting on the beach and especially during golden hour, the hour before the sun is setting. The light is absolutely stunning. Fur babies again are welcome (don’t blame me if they end up going for a paddle!) But this relaxed setting is an ideal location for engagement photography. Especially living in South Wales. We live so close to the coast that if you can’t get there on your wedding day, this is the next best thing. Being a South Wales wedding photographer means there are so many beaches to choose from a few favourites being Langland and Rhossili Bay.

Also if you’re game for having a paddle in the sea and having a playful water fight at the end of your session then this location is perfect for you.


If you want to think outside the box (and seriously I want you to!) then go for a location that gives you something to do, like an activity. A fairground, bowling or playing miniature golf for instance. The location is fun and colourful and this is some place you definitely wouldn’t get to on your wedding day. The whole point of a pre-wedding photoshoot is that it’s a celebration of the two of you. Plus what a fun date at the fairground with your third wheeler (me!)


If you’re unsure about actually going onto the beach itself, then the clifftops around the Gower could be the answer for you. The views are stunning and again in the evening there are less people around and the light is so much more beautiful. Three Cliffs is one of my favourite places and such a great alternative to the beach itself.

Seaside Pier

One of my favourite places is the seaside but boy do I love a pier. My favourite place in Penarth is the pier. It’s such a fun location the pier itself, the ice cream, the chips. It’s a great location, but remember you will have people watching. They’ll want to know what you’re up to! But this is the perfect place for fun and a relaxed pre-wedding photoshoot.

South Wales Engagement Photography

There are so many great places for a pre-wedding photoshoot around South Wales. These are just a few. What about where you got engaged, perhaps somewhere abroad? Or what about where you went on your first date? You want the location to be perfect for you two, you want it to be part of your story. Your engagement photography is a great practice run and also a great way to celebrate your wedding. Since 2020 is seeing a lot of postponements, I’ll be shooting a lot more engagement sessions at a distance. A way to celebrate that a couples day is still coming, it’ll be worth the wait. If you wondering how to nail your engagement session there you’re in luck. Head to my previous blog to remind yourself that it’s not actually that difficult. Just be game for having fun and working with an awesome photographer… me!

If you want to find out more about me, you can find me on Facebook or Instagram. Send me a message or comment below about your pre-wedding photo shoot ideas. I’d love to hear what locations you have in mind.