Next up of my movie themed wedding ideas, is Jurassic Park. Yep, you read that right, a dinosaur wedding shoot based on the film Jurassic Park! My first reason for shooting a styled shoot and blogging a movie themed wedding is because I love film and cinema. As you might already know, I worked in a cinema for eight years as a Projectionist and film massively influences my work.

My main reason to chat about movie themed weddings is I really want to show you, when it comes to your wedding, it doesn’t have to be conventional. There are no rules to follow, your wedding is a celebration of what you both love. Movie themed weddings can be as elegant as any other, plus they can be super fun and creative! So when it comes to wedding planning and wedding idea, do you, that’s it.

Read on to see how we accomplished this quirky wedding idea and to see more of my fun wedding photography.

Jurassic Park Wedding Ideas

I first thought of this idea of movie themed weddings during lockdown while playing around on Instagram, creating mood boards on movie night. Asking on Instagram what everyone’s favourite film was, Jurassic Park was up there, I had so many messages about this film. So I thought, why the hell not?! I created a fun mood board and then enlisted the help of awesome stylist Michelle from Peverley Perfection. Michelle can literally make anything look elegant. And the way she puts things together is just incredible. I showed my ideas, and explained even though it’s a Jurassic Park wedding, I want it to be fun and quirky. I also want it to be elegant and slick. Boy did she deliver! We chatted about gold and black with lots of greenery. So this shoot is a taste of what you could do.

I spray painted toy dinosaurs gold, as a way to add dinosaurs touches. Then we concentrated on black and gold crockery and decor. Michelle added such beautiful greenery to show more of this wedding theme Adding to my gold painted dinosaurs and Michelle’s beautiful decor, Mike from Design Yo Wedding Stationery designed invites just for this shoot. He made it fun, showing that invites are the first impression guests see about your wedding. So I thought his creative and quirky approach and design, showed this movie themed wedding idea perfectly.

With this creative, and fun movie themed wedding shoot, I hope you see that you can do anything with your wedding and still have it be elegant… even a Jurassic Park themed wedding. Don’t think you need to follow rules or conventional ideas, just choose what you love.

Movie Themed Wedding

I’m going to be doing more of these movie themed wedding styled shoots on a bigger scale. I’d love to know, if your wedding had to be based in your favourite film, what would the theme of your wedding be? Comment below, I’d love to hear from you. If it was my boyfriend it would be The Matrix, haha! Mine would probably be Housesitter, The Burbs or The Grand Budapest Hotel. You can see more creative weddings on my blog and get to know me on my about me page. Wedding planning and need a quirky and fun wedding photographer? Please say hey!