Oh 2020 you were meant to be so much to me. My busiest year in business so far, a year of travel and a jam packed diary. But it wasn’t meant to be. 2020 was all about staying at home, watching far too many films. Putting my own spin on styled shoots in the form of favourite films. And of course, intimate weddings and elopements. Smaller in numbers, but not in love. Each wedding bursting with love and joy. I managed to capture intimate wedding photography for four weddings, (and one larger wedding at the beginning of 2020).

2020 My Year of Weddings

Looking back at 2020, it was difficult (of course) but I wanted to share four of my favourite days. The four smaller weddings throughout South Wales… I even headed to Cambridge too! Four couples that decided a global pandemic wasn’t going to stop them. Intimate weddings aren’t for everyone, but for some marrying now and partying later is the perfect celebration. So I wanted to share that with you, the absolute happiness each couple felt and how much I enjoyed getting back to it. I had an absolute ball. Have a scroll through and see for yourself just how magicial your day could be. Whether you’re able to have thirty guests, fifteen or elope like Thaisa and João, intimate weddings are definitely worth considering if it could suit you.

Oh and yes if you were thinking it, every single couple said they were so glad they went ahead. It brought positivity and happiness to them and family and friends, making amazing memories for the year 2020.

Are Intimate Weddings For You?

What are your thoughts on having an intimate wedding? Something smaller yet still full of so much love. I know for some couples it isn’t their plan and it doesn’t work for them. But a lot of my couples have LOVED the intimate weddings I’ve shared on social media and think this suits them better. There’s no right no wrong way, just the right wedding for you.

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