Intimate Weddings in Cardiff

Is a Smaller Wedding for you?

You’ve heard about micro or intimate weddings, but don’t know what they are, or even where to begin? Whether a smaller wedding is your plan A, B, or C, I’m here to help. Weddings are incredible and they come in all shapes and sizes, and guess what? They’re all super duper with a cherry on top incredible, so don’t forget that! I have lots of information below, but if you’re already decided, get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

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Why Intimate Weddings are so Incredible

Reason one

You're planning it so it's going to be awesome!

Reason two

It's not small, it's VIP. You get to invite your favourites.

Reason three

It'll be more relaxed, you'll get to see everyone and we have less time constraints.

Reason four

Small doesn't mean less, it means more lavish, really investing in suppliers.


FREE Intimate Wedding Planning Guide

I’ve put an wonderful FREE Intimate Wedding Planning Guide together. Full of tips, advice from couples that have done it, got married!! You’ll also get to see what a real intimate wedding looks like (hint – it looks like every wedding) full of love and happiness.

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To any couple considering a smaller wedding, we would advise you to concentrate on just you and your partner. Everything else will just fall into place after this and an intimate wedding is the perfect romantic setting.“- Joy & David

Intimate Wedding Help

If a more intimate, micro wedding suits you, go for it!! Please don’t think smaller means less; It means a more VIP guest list, it means more lavish decor and, ultimately, it’s saying those vows out loud in front of the person that really matters. Remember that things might still change last minute. You might have to make quick decisions and last minute ones.

BUT it will be worth it when finally you utter those two magicial words ‘I Do’.