Engagement sessions and wedding photographs in general seem to scare so many couples. So to put your mind at ease I thought of a few ways you can prepare for your engagement shoot. I’m here to tell you not to be nervous. An engagement session is such a great way to prepare you for wedding photographs. Every single couple I’ve worked with have said ‘Is that it?!’ They have over thought the photographs and it really isn’t that hard when you relax and enjoy it!

Fear not friends, I’m laying out a few tips on how to prepare for your engagement shoot. These tips are for you to realise that there is nothing to worry about, it’s just you both and just me. These tips are super easy and simple ways for you to prepare in advance and actually enjoy your session.

How to Prepare for your Engagement Shoot

Don’t Overthink Things

I know this is easier said than done, but please don’t overthink it. There aren’t many of us that feel comfortable in front of the camera (me included). But once you let yourself go and relax you’ll realise that it’s not that hard. I give prompts to make you giggle and relax.

Personal Location

So to make you more comfortable about the session. Choose a personal location. Somewhere you know and love. It can be outdoors, your favourite coffee shop. This is definitely something you can prepare in advance.

Dress for the Location

I often get asked what would I suggest wearing to an engagement shoot. Every location is different but dress for that location. If it’s a woodland walk, wear suitable shoes for that. If it’s a boiling summer’s evening, prepare by wearing a summers dress for instance. There’s no right or wrong just be comfortable and confident.

Make it Personal

Every couple is so unique to me and what I love is when I go to new places because it’s a location personal to them. But it can also be an activity or hobby. The whole point is the session is a celebration of you both. So basing the session around a hobby means you’ll get unique photographs but they’ll be even more personal to you.

An engagement shoot is a celebration of your relationship and it’s fun! They’re a great way to experiment before your wedding day, getting use to being in front of the camera. I find all couples that do an engagement shoot are so much more relaxed on their wedding day. During consultations I hear two fears time and time again, speeches and the photographs from the groom. Preparing for this session and doing it will put your mind at ease, and guess what? You’ll actually enjoy the wedding photographs!

You can see so many more of my blogs full of helpful wedding tips. And some beautiful engagement sessions full of inspiration. Each couple were just nervous like you, but they all did it and smashed their engagement sessions.