I photographed my first ever UK elopement last month and I just have to share some fantastic tips on how to plan an awesome one. Whether you’re doing it just the two of you, or with those family and friends that are closest to you both. You still want to have the most magical day and just because it’s more intimate, doesn’t mean it should be anything less than incredible! Here are my five ways on how to plan a UK elopement.

bride and groom outside cardiff city hall

How to Plan an Awesome UK Elopement

Choose an awesome location.

I highly recommend South Wales for your UK Elopement, haha! But the truth is this year has shown us, just how many beautiful parts of the UK there are. There is plenty of choice. It doesn’t even have to be a significant place, you could plan to elope somewhere totally brand new and make new awesome memories!! Just like Thaisa and Joao.

Include family and friends virtually.

You can elope just the two of you, or with a handful of family and friends, but you’re not going to get to invite everyone, so include family and friends virtually as part of your UK elopement. You could live stream your wedding ceremony, having your loved ones join in at the actual time. The bonus of this, is they can enjoy with a glass of fizz at home and still be part of your celebration. Or you could send them some highlight photographs or video later on. Either way you can include them in your wedding day.

Invest in your suppliers.

The bonus of eloping is that you can still have all your suppliers involved. If you’re having a mini reception, then get the cake you want. Or what about the colourful wedding flowers you wanted? You can still get a bouquet or buttonholes, getting the flowers that you’d planned. You still need suppliers to be part of your UK elopement, so invest in them.

Invest in photography (and spend some time in awesome locations).

Having a record of your elopement, whether it’s just the two of you or with a handful of your nearest and dearest, I feel is so important. Just because you’re eloping and having an intimate wedding doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have awesome photographs. Intimate weddings still have the same amount of love! Fun and relaxed wedding photography is the perfect addition to any wedding.

Plus why not travel to a couple of locations? Really make the most of not having a schedule to stick to like bigger weddings. You can just enjoy some extra time just the two of you, and head to awesome locations for you UK elopement, with an amazing South Wales wedding photographer. 😉

Party later!

Marry now and party later!! What a fantastic way to look at weddings right now. You’re married, you eloped, you live streamed with your family and friends. But why not party at a later date? It’s a fun and relaxed way to celebrate further down the line. A way to get those that couldn’t attend to be party of the party later celebration.

Would you consider a UK elopement? Or marry now and party later? Every couple is different, but I love this idea on doing the legal bits now and having a lovely more intimate day, but then further down the line having the most epic party now with a beautiful vow renewal. Want to find out more about how I can help you with an intimate wedding? Head to my contact page and tell me all the details of your wedding day. I get so excited to hear that couples are going for it and marrying now!!

Now tell me, what other tips have you got on how to plan an awesome UK elopement?