You’ve heard me suggest an engagement session, you’ve thought about it once, twice. And finally convinced your fiancé to do it. If you still need convincing, see my previous blog post ‘Advantage of an Engagement Sessions’ to read all about why you should do one. This blog post is about how to nail your engagement session, full of great tips on how to prepare and to really ace your session.

How to Nail your Engagement Session

Choose a Location you Love

Whether the location is somewhere you know and love or somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. Location is everything. The location can be a familiar place, somewhere you can’t get to on your wedding day. Or perhaps where you got engaged, or somewhere alternative like a fairground, where you’re guaranteed to have lots of fun! Some couples use this as a great excuse to go somewhere different and make their engagement session into an adventure.

Dress to Impress

I’m not saying dress up, but be comfortable and happy with what you’re wearing. You firstly need to be comfortable, especially if we’re going for a walk along the cliff top like Mia and Iwan. But if you’re more confident in a certain pair of jeans, wear those. If you want to wear your new favourite top, go for that. I love couples that do things their way, choosing what they love and being true to themselves. So be yourself through and through, this is about you and celebrating just that!

Forget that I’m there

I know it sounds silly, but I love to capture natural and fun shots, I want to capture the connection between the two of you. The playfulness, the laughter and the in between moments. While of course some shots I’ll be close to you both and you’ll hear me giving you some prompts. When I’m further away just get lost in the moment.

Collaborate with your Photographer

I’m all about collaborating. I say it constantly, the more you put in and the more you go for it, the better. I’ll push you, but I want you to push me and part of this is going into a pose without me suggesting it. Taking the lead, going in for a kiss without me telling you. I want to capture the things that you naturally do as a couple. I want your photographs to be how you are together. A true celebration of you both.


The whole point of an engagement shoot is that it’s a practice run. I get to see how you work together and you get to see how I work. I want to experiment and try anything and everything. Whether you want to try a different pose or shooting at a different sort of location. The engagement shoot is definitely the time to experiment as the schedule on a wedding day is so tight.

With all these tips, I thought I’d share Mia and Iwan’s engagement shoot. They might as well have written this blog post ‘How to Nail Your Engagement Session’ because, well they did. They chose a beautiful location, somewhere totally different to where their wedding is. They were so much fun and playful together, I loved every minute! And what a great excuse to visit Three Cliffs in the Gower again.

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