Fun wedding photography at Coed-Y-Mwstwr for Hollie and Bobby’s wedding day. Their September wedding day started in true British style… with awful rain. Honestly it was really bad. But they chose Coed-Y-Mwstwr just in case this happened and they knew they’d be happy to stay indoors if it carried on. (My one big tip is this! Choose a venue you’d be happy to stay indoors in for the whole day, if there’s bad weather.)

Coed-Y-Mwstwr Wedding

The rain actually stopped after the ceremony and as we were about to take photographs. Because of this little window of dryness, all the guests headed outside to get the confetti shot and group shots done as quickly as possible. We did really blast through it all in case in started to rain again… It did!

The rain didn’t phase Hollie one bit. If I could bottle up a bride’s attitude to rain, I’d bottle up Hollie’s. I know it’s a tad bizarre to say, but let me finish. All I ever want is for you to have an absolute blast on your wedding day (this is what you want too). If it’s raining, we have a blast inside. If it has rained and there are some dry spells, I want you to be game for going outside. I want a bride to drop her dress (onto the ground), stand on the grass (I’m sorry about the sunken heels!) and to enjoy these moments together. Who cares about a little bit of rain?

This is what Hollie and Bobby did. The day brightened up and I got to capture some fun wedding photography at Coed-Y-Mwstwr, exploring the grounds and having an absolute blast with this couple. They put the time in, dodged puddles, collaborated with me, and just enjoyed being in this moment together.

Fun Wedding Photography

When a bride starts the evening part of her wedding jumping on a space hopper. Yeah you heard right, a space hopper! But ends up falling over on the grass without a care in the world, you know it has been an amazingly fun day. I loved being part of this wedding, thank you Hollie and Bobby for listening, going for it, but for all the laughs in-between.

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