Five things to do after you’re engaged during Christmas. So you just got engaged during Christmas and are now wedding planning . So firstly CONGRATULATIONS, I’m sure it’s a bit of a whirlwind feeling, but it’s such an exciting time for you both. I get so excited chatting to my brides about their engagement stories, each one so unique and different. But every couple the same, all beaming with such love and excitement.

I want to talk about what you do once you start thinking about wedding planning. The time after you’ve cracked open the bottle of Champagne, told your friends and family and had the ring sized and insured.

Five Things to do After You’re Engaged during Christmas

1. Make a Budget
Make a budget and try and stick to it, don’t get into debt going into marriage. Weddings can be as big or as small as you want them to be. They can be full of your own creativity, so don’t feel like you need to have some things if you’re not bothered about them. The only rules in your wedding, are the ones, you make!

2. Decide what matters to you.
You can’t do everything yourself, so focus on what you really want to do and pass jobs onto people that you trust. For instance your bridal party and family members. Everyone wants to help you out and will when asked. So if you need help just ask and give everyone jobs. They’ll feel a lot more part of the wedding too.

3. Get Organised
Hands up who else loves lists and spreadsheets! I’m one of those girls, I love to be organised and keep a track of things. It’ll make everything easier in the long run to note what you’re spending and where. And who of your bridal party is doing what.

4. Do your research.
Go to wedding fayres, meet lots of amazing wedding suppliers. Ask friends for recommendations and do online research. Hire vendors that you absolutely love and trust. They’re a massive part of your day, so make sure they’re your sort of people.

5. Have fun!
Wedding planning may get stressful at times (fingers crossed it doesn’t) but remember to take breaks and enjoy. Enjoy this time, the time you’re a Fiancé. There’s a marriage to look forward to at the end of it all!

Remember to do things your way, there are no rules when planning a wedding. Make sure you’re planning the wedding you both want. If you’re wedding planning and looking for some real wedding inspiration, head over to the blog section of my website and have a read of some beautiful and unique real weddings.