You’ve booked your perfect wedding venue, you’ve set a date, and now it’s time to choose your perfect wedding photographer. Choosing can be tough, I mean there’s a lot of wedding photographers out there. So many styles, so many prices, and a lot of information to take in. So I want to help you out and give some tips to help with how to choose your perfect wedding photographer.

Choose Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

I say it to all my couples when choosing anything for their wedding day: choose what you like. It sounds a lot easier said than done, but it is that simple. Before you think about money or meeting a photographer, really think about what you’re like as a couple. Some couples like every photograph posed, while some couples don’t. My approach is relaxed, I document things as they unfold, but I do like to mix this up with setting a few things up. The style can also be how the photographer shoots and edits. Some are light and airy, other styles are dark and moody. My style is timeless, I like to show how much fun your day is.

My advice is spend as much as you can on a photographer. I know it seems crazy, right?! But the truth is everyone has some sort of a budget. You know I’m going to say it… for me photography is one of the most important parts of the day. Try and be as flexible as possible and stretching your money a bit more if you can. Also consider things like a second shooter to capture more angles of your day.

Do your Research
Make sure you check out a photographers website, seeing more photographs and blog posts. Hopefully you’ll get a better feel for them in their ‘About Me’ section. Are they active on social media? Again, you’ll be able to see previous work and get to know them a bit better before actually meeting them. Ask friends for their wedding photographer recommendations. There is no better advert than word of mouth. Most of my bookings come from referrals and I think this is the best way!

Meet and Like the Photographer
It sounds silly, right? But you’re working together all day, so it’s best that the photographer you book is someone you get along with and actually like. I’d suggest meeting for an informal chat over coffee. You’ll be able to meet face to face, chat through your ideas and see if you think this photographer would be great to collaborate with on your wedding day.

After booking, I email couples back and forth so much in the lead up to their day, that by the time their wedding comes around it’s like we’ve known each other years. With regards to the actual photography, the photographer wants to get the best out of you and you want to get the best out of them and by having someone you actually like and get along with, this will help massively.

Ask Questions
If it’s not on their FAQ list on their website, ask. Every photographer will be more than happy to put your mind at ease, answering big and small questions. They should have insurances, you should know what you’re getting after your wedding day, and you should have a contract to read and sign to cover you and the photographer. None of us like the legal stuff, but it is needed. It’s an important day so let’s start off on the right foot together.

Pre Wedding Shoot
I’d always suggest doing one of these. With so many selfies taken of us, it’s hard sometimes just to get a nice photograph as a couple. Do you really need an excuse to have more nice photographs of the two of you anyway? Have fun with it and choose somewhere different to where your wedding will be.

It’s also a way to meet your photographer again, see how they work and for a photographer to see how you work together a couple. You’ll also be less nervous on the day with your couple photos making it much more relaxed for you both.

One Last Thing

Lastly you’re not just paying for the time the photographers there, you’re paying for the time before your wedding day, the preparation, and the time after. Your wedding photographer will work closely with your venue wedding co-ordinator and will help run aspects of the day, especially the time after the ceremony and before your wedding breakfast. You’re paying for their experience, They’re not just there taking photos. They’re making sure all those moments do happen, in particular one of my favourites the confetti run!

Have a look below at some of my favourite confetti shots from the last couple of years. Find out more about me by visiting my ‘about me’ section. And don’t forget to check out more of my blogs in my ‘blog’ section to help you choose your perfect wedding photographer. If you want to enquire about your wedding day, head to the contact me page. I’ll email you back with one of my lovely wedding brochures.

I hope this blog post was a little helpful in your research in how to choose your perfect wedding photographer. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.