For this week’s blog I want to discuss the benefits of a second shooter for your wedding day. It’s something I like to offer as an extra to couples wanting more coverage. The reason it’s an extra is that each wedding and each couple is unique. I’ve photographed A LOT of weddings solo, but for those curious about what are the benefits of a second shooter for your wedding day then this blog post is just for you.

Second Shooter

Firstly a second shooter is just an extra photographer, they shoot for the main photographer (me!) and follow my fun and relaxed approach. I choose second shooters that fit with my style of wedding photography so you wouldn’t notice the difference when looking through your wedding album. I edit everything in fitting with my style. Now I’m not saying you need one, you’re the only one that knows that. However there are a lot of advantages of a second shooter and it’s definitely something to think about.

Benefits of a Second Shooter for your Wedding Day

A second shooter provides more coverage, another set of eyes and more angles. I always start with bridal preparations and sometimes it’s great to see what the guys are up to on your wedding morning. So my second shooter captures groom preparations. A second shooter provides different angles that I sometimes cannot. As much as I like to think I’m a superhero (haha!) I can only be in one place at one time, especially when it comes to a wedding ceremony. My second shooters shots from the back are just beautiful.

During the group shots, my second shooters shoot candids of guests while also helping to rally up anyone needed for family photographs. The thing I love most are natural unposed photographs of wedding guests. My second shooter can simply capture more while I’m busy doing other things. Let’s not forget they’re there to shoot more, if more is shot, you get more, it’s that simple.

Some tips I’ve picked up along the way is that some couples want to see what is happening when they’re busy with their couple photographs. They don’t want to miss a thing. So while I go off with a couple for their portraits, it’s great to have a second shooter capture guests chatting away or maybe with some fun afternoon entertainment. I can only be in one place at one time and while my aim is to capture everything, I can’t be in two places at once. The benefits of a second shooter for your wedding day are endless.

If you have any questions, please just ask away. Have a read of more of my blog posts and wedding tips. If you want any subject covered, please get in touch.

All photographs below are shot by my second shooters Rachel Lilly or Paul Coleman. All images are edited in my unique style.

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