Your wedding day is going to be busy from start to finish. There’s a lot going on and a lot of fun to be had. My top ten wedding morning tips is a great way to start a wedding day. Fingers crossed it’ll give you a few tips to think about, some of which you might never have thought of. So enjoy this latest blog post I’m hoping it’s super helpful (please comment below to let me know). Here are my top ten wedding morning tips.

Top Ten Wedding Morning Tips

1. Take a few moments to yourself.

Whether it’s a quick five minutes outside or it’s you having your make-up done in a totally different room to all the mayhem. It really is okay to take some time out just for yourself. It’s a busy day, so enjoy these quiet moments.

2. Get professional hair and make-up done.

Where you can work with a professional hair and make-up artist, they time things perfectly, they’re there for the touch ups and generally great at getting everyone ready on time. They’ll make you calm and relaxed on your wedding morning, which I think is always a great start to such a busy day.

3. Make sure you eat.

Have breakfast ready and order in if needed. But please make sure you eat something, it’s such a hectic day and you’ll have the ceremony and photos before you’ll next eat anything.

4. Gather all your wedding details together.

Have all your details you want photographed together. Things like shoes, jewellery etc. this way when I arrive it’s easy to find.

5. Get a nice wooden hanger.

This doesn’t have to be expensive or have your name on it. A plain wooden or white hanger would be great. It looks much nicer than a plastic hanger.

6. Have a quick tidy up.

Make sure the place you’re getting ready is clutter free, if it’s on the floor chances are it’s going to be in shot, so where possible have a quick tidy up.

7. Let everyone else get ready before you.

Have your bridesmaids ready before you, this way if needed they can help in other ways.

8. Get a playlist on!

Get some background music on!! Yeah we want to get in the celebration spirit, put on a playlist and enjoy the excitement of what is about to happen.

9. Wait for your photographer to get there for certain moments.

If your Fiancé has sent you a gift, please wait until I’m there to photograph your reaction, it’s little moments like this that can’t be recreated.

And finally…

10. Make sure you leave plenty of time.

This is my most important top tip and one so many brides mentioned when I reached out to ask their opinion. Get ready with plenty of time to spare, ideally you want to be in your dress 30-45 minutes before you’re about to leave. Then I can get some portraits of you, shots of your bridal parties reaction. You won’t forget anything because you won’t be stressed. You’ll be able to have last minute touch ups. And you get to be in your dress that much longer. (win win!!)

What do you think?

I hope this post has helped a little bit. Do you have any wedding morning tips of your own? Pay it forward to another bride who is currently planning. Comment below and tell us a wedding morning tip. Check out my blog posts for other helpful blog posts and real weddings, full of inspiration, beautiful days and a whole lotta love.