At the start of 2020, I planned to spend my time, when not shooting weddings in South Wales and Bristol, working on alternative wedding ideas, in particular: film inspired. Collaborating with fellow wedding suppliers to produce exciting and new work. A way to show new ideas to couples currently planning, to remind them, to plan their day their way. There is no right or wrong way, there are no rules to follow. You just have to plan your day the way you want it.

Cue lockdown.

So yeah then lockdown happened and I felt a bit stumped as to how I could go about this. I decided rather than give up and wait or even scrap the whole idea. I would work on smaller styled shoots creating alternative wedding ideas at home. This is almost a taster as to what you could do and for me a sneak peek for myself, until I can do a much bigger shoot with other suppliers.

Alternative wedding ideas – Tarantino’s Kill Bill

This week’s at home shoot focuses on Tarantino’s Kill Bill. I’d created this mood board on Pinterest back in January so I had so many ideas. I love the idea of adding a twist to a wedding adding elements of things you love. This mini styled shoot focuses on the colour yellow from Kill Bill. I wanted yellow throughout the whole shoot. From the flowers, to the pale ale can and the glassware for the candles. Although there are some gory elements of Kill Bill, I still wanted this to be elegant.

kill bill tarantino wedding ideas

Yellow Wedding Flowers

If you haven’t seen the film, this styled shoot would just be rich theme full of the colour yellow with small nods to Tarantino’s Kill Bill. I used yellow flowers from Wild Meadow Flowers. These flowers were perfect to set the tone as to how a bouquet or buttonhole could be, and of course how you could add colour so simply to a wedding breakfast table.

Alternative Wedding Invites

The font is always a big thing for a Tarantino film, I really wanted to use this touch, and for those of you that know the ‘Pussy Wagon’ keyring from Kill Bill really influenced the wedding invites. The idea that you can have fun and add creative touches to invites, table names and the table plan. I wanted to keep with the pink colour of this font just like the keyring Black Mamba steals at the beginning of Kill Bill Vol. 1.

Alternative Wedding Accessories

I couldn’t not add an fun edgy alternative wedding bridal accessory, I saw these earrings by Born to Thread and fell in love. I think they’d work for so many weddings Tarantino inspired or not. (Bridie has an array of colours) This white and gold option is perfect for a bride, sticking to white/ivory accessory but adding a fun creative twist to your wedding outfit.

I really enjoyed working on something new and creative while in lockdown. What it did show me was how much I love working with other creative and alternative wedding suppliers. At a usual shoot, everyone would bring their own twist to this yellow inspired Kill Bill wedding shoot, so I cannot wait to expand this idea (watch this space!)

Whatever your ideas and whatever spin you want to bring to your own wedding. Do you, it’s that simple when it comes to your wedding. Choose the things you love as a couple, whether it’s colours, music, even a book themed wedding. As long as it’s authentic to you, you know you’ll have planned the right way… your way. I’m Michelle and I’m a wedding photographer based in Cardiff. You can get to know me on my about me page, and yes I love film and especially Goldie Hawn.