Advantages of an Engagement Session - Michelle Huggleston

You’ve booked your wedding photographer and included in your package is a complimentary engagement session (woo hoo!). While I woo hoo to myself I know there are some couples that aren’t convinced. There are many advantages of an engagement session. I thought I’d help you all out and write a blog post all about these advantages. Talking about why you should definitely consider doing an engagement session.

Advantages of an Engagement Session

Awesome Photographs

I love a selfie as much as the next person, but I have to admit there aren’t many framed photographs of me and my boyfriend. And hands down I’d do this because I mean who doesn’t like more photographs to hang on the wall. A day of fun memories, and to celebrate your relationship.

Get to know your Photographer

It’s silly, obvious and true! The engagement session can almost be an ice breaker, a time to get to know each other, chat a bit (it doesn’t have to all be photography chat either!) and a way for you to see how I work and vice versa.

I get to know you

It’s so interesting to me how each and every couple I work with are so different to each other. Each couple interact with each other differently. Some are silly and playful, some very romantic and all of them unique in their own little ways.

It’s a trial run

Yep that’s right, you’ll know what’s to come on your wedding day. It’ll feel less daunting and on your day it’ll again feel like your old friend Michelle has rocked up with her camera!


One of the advantages of an engagement session is we’re not restricted on time or location. We can shoot at dawn or sunset. Or at a totally different location to your wedding venue, maybe a location that is special to you both. If you got engaged in Venice or Paris, there would be no stopping me suggesting why not go back for your engagement session. You might be restricted to a location on your wedding day, but one of the many advantages of an engagement session is you can go anywhere!

So what are you waiting for, engaged? Or just want some awesome photographs of the two of you together? Get in touch and tell me something about you both, and let’s choose a location perfect for you both.

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