Something a little bit different today. I’m super excited to have Music HQ guest blog for me. When it comes to music I always recommend a wedding band. There’s such a fantastic atmosphere, guests get up and fill the dance floor more. So this makes my job so much easier. But when it comes to wedding music bands, I wouldn’t know where to start. Who better to offer such fantastic suggestions than Music HQ, home of the very best South Wales wedding bands! Take it away Music HQ.

5 Wedding Music Bands for 5 Brides

The music is a big part of any wedding. It helps everyone to get into the spirit of things. It relaxes the atmosphere after the formalities of the day, and really sets the tone for the rest of your celebration. Live wedding music is much more effective when it comes to creating the right atmosphere, and finding the right band can help you to tie the whole thing together. Many couples today decide on a theme for their wedding, and even those that don’t often find that their personalities and tastes dictate many of the decisions that they make. The music is  a great celebration of this! Below is a look at five wedding music bands suggestions to match 5 kinds of bride.

The Traditional Bride – Coverland

The traditional bride is the lady that wants everything just so. Perhaps a church wedding, followed by a sit-down meal. There might be a buffet in the evening, and there will certainly be all of the traditions, such as speeches, favours, and a top table. Coverland is the perfect wedding band for the traditional bride and her traditional wedding. A four-piece, specialising in upbeat tunes Coverland offer everything from classic party songs, chart hits, rock, pop, and soul. They’ve won multiple awards over the years and will ensure you have a night to remember.

The Festival Bride – Festival Heart

For the festival bride, with her lace dress and braids in her hair, there’s no better wedding band in South Wales than Festival Heart. When we’re talking about the best wedding bands in south wales, Festival Heart has got to be the pick for vintage style. With male and female vocals, they offer quirky acoustic vocals as part of an energetic set, covering classic hits and modern chart-toppers in a way that will have you and your guests dancing the night away.

The Princess – Big Day Wedding Showband

The princess bride wants her big day to be perfect. She wants the big dress with the long train or veil, the sparkly jewellery, and the most amazing party that no one will ever forget. Big Day Wedding Showband is top of the wedding music bands suggestion pile for an extra special celebration. As one of the most in-demand wedding bands in the country, they’ve played weddings all over the world for the last ten years. You’ll have the choice between 4 and 16 talented musicians who have worked with some of the hottest stars around to make your big day one to remember.

Rock Chick – iRock

The one that wants something a little different. A black diamond, and plenty of eyeliner. Or just some funky shoes under her long white dress. The rock chick wants her day, her way, and she’s not bothered about tradition. If one thing is important to the rock chick bride, it’s music. iRock ain’t just another wedding band; they are the coolest indie rock wedding band around. They’ll tackle all of her favourite indie floor fillers with their own unique style, creating a magical show to truly rock your wedding.

VOGUE Bride – 24K

The vogue bride is chic. With her cutting-edge style and sophistication, she needs a 24K wedding, and so she needs a 24K Wedding & Party Band. Everything about 24K  screams style. With exceptional vocals, this quartet will perform all of your favourite soulful hits to create a truly breathtaking event. They look the part too, which is so VOGUE!

If you need any further information on South Wales Wedding Bands, head on over to Music HQ. I’d also love to hear which band you would go for comment below and let me know which band you’d book for your wedding. Want to see more helpful blog posts? I have a wonderful creative wedding photography blog, full of ideas, tips and inspiration. And to find out more about what I can offer to your South Wales wedding head to my information page.