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As a South Wales wedding photographer, the one concern I hear time and time again, is a worry from couples about how they’ll look in their photographs, in particular the couple poses. My first tip is to do a pre wedding session, you’ll really relax more on your wedding day. My second tip is to work with an awesome photographer (wink wink!). In case you’re still a little worried, I wanted to share 5 ideas for wedding couple poses. A handful to think about, but remember I don’t stick to these either. Each couple is so unique and different so I like to add my twist to each as a creative wedding photographer.

My approach to the bride and groom portraits is to do a mixture of classic wedding style photographs, creative portraits and natural shots. Photographs where you’re almost in motion after I’ve given you some prompts to laugh about. I want you to really go for it. The more you put in (effort wise) the more you’ll get out. There really is no right or wrong way for ‘posing’ there’s just a right way for you as a couple. Some couples just don’t want to kiss in front of the camera and this is totally fine, because this is how they are as a couple, but I do want you to be in the moment and enjoy yourselves; Don’t overthink your wedding photographs and trust your wedding photographer.

bride and groom close up5 Wedding Couple Poses

1. Classic Look

Let’s start with a classic couple wedding pose. You’re facing each other and you’re super close, arms wrapped around each other. Easy, classic and beautiful. I like to shoot a mixture of wide shots and closer shots. Pretty simple right?

bride and groom kissing2. Walking

I think when you’re doing an action, rather than a static couple pose, you feel much more relaxed. It also allows me capture the natural in-between moments which are some of my favourite moments of all. I like to capture movement all the time, I’ll get you walking towards the camera and walking away from the camera. Doing this allows me to capture details of the back of your dress too.

bride and groom walking3. Hugging from Behind

I’m sure you’ve seen this classic wedding photo, the bride hugging the groom from behind or the groom hugging the bride from behind. Either way I like to give a few prompts here to create the laughter. So although it is a wedding pose, it’s the natural moments before and after that are the important bits.

groom hugging bride, bride laughing4. Dancing in the Moment

Movement, I love movement. I’ve had couples practice their first dance during the couples portraits, haha! It’s meant to be fun and joyful, and having a dance together is a fantastic way to show this. By focusing on dancing you’ll forget that I’m even taking your photograph.

bride and groom dancing in the street5. Separate Couple Pose

Depending on location and the couple, this can be great. While the couple are separate, they were actually having a ‘pose off’ and making each other laugh. Remember it’s not the pose itself, but also the moments before and after that matter to me.

alternative wedding photo bride and groom seaprateI wanted to share these 5 wedding couple poses to show how you shouldn’t over think your wedding photographs. Keep things simple and trust your wedding photographer, collaborate with them and listen to them. I love capturing relaxed, natural and in the moment wedding photographs, which you can’t pose for. There is no wrong way to do your couple portraits. Only one right way, and that is to be yourselves.

To prepare more for your wedding photographs you can choose an engagement session. There are so many advantages of doing one, you can read how to prepare for your engagement session here.

Top Wedding Couple Posing Tip

My ultimate top wedding tip is to make time for your wedding photographs and have fun with it! You have to put the time in, you have to go for it, to get the most out of it.

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