I wanted to share my 5 wedding confetti tips for amazing photographs because if you’re going to do it, I want you to do it right! I get asked so much about which part of the day I love the most. Obviously all of it, I flipping love weddings. The excitement in the morning, the emotional parts of a ceremony and the laughter during the speeches, the list goes on. But my favourite shot to capture, hands down is a confetti shot. It’s the one photograph guests do not avoid. They all seem to love throwing stuff in the face of the bride and groom, haha!

5 Wedding Confetti Tips for Amazing Wedding Photographs

1. Check with the Venue

First and foremost check that you’re allowed wedding confetti with your church or venue. You might be allowed one, both or neither. It’s always best to check if it’s a certain place they’d prefer it to be thrown. Some venues have a specific place which works perfectly. However a lot of churches prefer confetti to be thrown closer to gates to the entrance of the grounds for instance.

2. Check Colours

If you have a colour scheme. What about adding this to your wedding confetti colours too? I’ve seen bride and grooms choose mutli-coloured confetti, or gold. There are so many different options for confetti. You could opt for dried flowers with all sorts of colour, I love the confetti fields. Or paper confetti in lots of colours. One of my brides cut her own confetti out of a craft punch shaped like balloons.

3. Go Big

As the saying goes… go big or go home. Seriously don’t have a little bit of wedding confetti. I want your guest to get involved and grab confetti by the handful, so fill a basket! I want you to have amazing confetti photographs. Going big with this is definitely the way to go!

4. Round up some Helpers

I co-ordinate usually with bridesmaids and groomsmen to help. But if you can organise this before hand this would be fantastic. So choose a couple of guests to be in charge of handing out confetti. They can also help tell guests where we’ll be doing the wedding confetti shot. This is such a great way to make the day run smoother. This shot involves everyone part of your wedding day, so all hands on deck is a must.

5. Enjoy it!

Like I’ve said previously, this is my favourite shot of a wedding day, it feels like such a celebration of the whole day. A moment everyone is involved in, full of colour and fun. For me it’s capturing those in-between moment I love too. So enjoy the confetti run, walk slow, hold hands, smile. But don’t forget to close your mouth!

I hope my 5 wedding confetti tips has been helpful. I’d love to hear if you have any of your own tips. I love paying it forward and telling my brides to be any helpful tips. So let me know if you have any of your own. And check out my other wedding tips.