I’ve come up with this helpful new blog post, 5 reasons to have a small wedding and why you should go for it. Going into 2021, the most joyful thing last year showed me, was just how special and beautiful an intimate wedding is. Yes, they’re smaller in numbers, but there is still the same amount of love.

5 Reasons to have a Small Wedding

1. A Laid-Back Day
Your day will be so much more relaxed and laid back, you’ll have less of a timeline because you won’t be rushing here and there. For instance, I suggest going to a couple of locations for your photographs. Spend more time doing them, making it relaxed because the longer you have for photographs, the more you get into it. A bonus of a smaller wedding is that your timeline of the day can be a bit looser.

2. Less Guests
Another reason couples opt for a small wedding is there are less guests meaning more time with their VIPs. You’ll get to chat to every single person, you’ll really be spending the day with everyone you love. If you get nervous in front of lots of people, this is another great reason. Less guests mean less eyes on you.

3. Budget
Less guests means less money spent on food and drink. You could save this and put towards something else, or you could invest in your suppliers. Just because you’re having a small wedding doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the bouquet you’ve wanted all along, or the wedding car of your dreams; you can still get married in style! Pick suppliers you love, who are super excited you’re getting married. Smaller weddings, sometimes aren’t celebrated like a bigger wedding day and they should be!! It’s your day, let’s shout it from the rooftops!!

4. Get More Creative
Have fun and get creative. Be open to getting creative, the beauty of a longer day is that you have a couple of locations and different light. So getting more creative for a shorter day is a great way for varied photographs. Plus smaller weddings deserve the same amount of love, energy and creativity as a larger wedding day.

5. To Get Married
Above all, it’s being married that matters. You might have to make quick decisions and last minute ones. It will be worth it, when finally you utter those two magicial words, ‘I Do’.

Intimate Weddings South Wales

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes, if an intimate wedding suits you, go for it!! Please don’t think intimate means less; It means a more creative, thinking outside the box, it means more of your own style and personality and more time with your nearest and dearest. Ultimately, getting married to your best friend is what really matters. If you need more wedding help, I’m always happy to chat and I’ve put together a FREE helpful Intimate Wedding Planning Guide to help couples planning right now.