Hello you lovely lot, can you believe it’s 2020?! It seems crazy to be writing a blog post of my 2019 wedding photography rewind. If I’m honest, I always start every year thinking, ‘how the heck am I going to get through this’ the amount of weddings and projects I have going on. The editing, blogging, shooting and everything else in between. I never know how I fit it all in. Then by the time I think about it again, another year goes by.

2019 Wedding Photography Rewind

2019 was pretty flipping awesome. I got to work with more amazing couples. Each couple totally unique and different to the next, but all wanting photographs, shy about it, but game for anything. My couples are the best collaborators, they listen and are so thoughtful and do things their way. I’ve loved every second. I’ve loved being there for the happy tears, the quiet moments and the big moments. Travelling all over South Wales and flown to Bordeaux for a destination wedding.

I love what I do and think this 2019 wedding photography rewind sums up my style and approach. I love creative, colourful and relaxed wedding days. Capturing authentic and real moments, and having an absolute blast doing it. When I put my 2019 wedding photography rewind slideshow together, I showed my boyfriend and started to cry. I’m so proud of being a full time photographer and so proud of the work I’m creating. It hit me that another year has gone by and I’ve managed to fit in so many awesome days. This is all thanks to the wonderful couples who get me, and really push me to be my best.

I can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store and to celebrate with you all. Thank you for being part of the awesomeness of my 2019 weddings. Whether you’ve been a couple, a guest or cheered me on from the sidelines. I hope you’ve celebrated your achievements from 2019 too.

Click the slideshow and enjoy my 2019 wedding photography rewind. Love my style? Head to my contact page and tell me all about you and your wedding plans. It’s a big deal, work with people who get that.