Joanne & Jaimie's Wedding - The Orangery Margam Park

August 18, 2017  •  3 Comments

Joanne and Jaimie’s wedding really was two families coming together as one. Everyone knew each other, everyone is from the same village, and they all grew up together. It really is one of those amazing love stories, where Joanne and Jaimie knew each other growing up, went on with their lives and years later, well here we are celebrating their wedding day! And it was epic!! We had so much fun, we laughed all day and danced all night.

The day began with all the girls getting ready, with hair and make-up being done, everyone was excited and Joanne was very very quiet, something I have never seen through all the times we’ve met, haha! As soon as she got her dress on though, she changed, ‘it’s really happening’ and with those words, the excitement really kicked in. She couldn’t stop smiling. The church service was held in St. Theodore’s church in Port Talbot. Where Joanne’s Niece really shone with a solo vocal performance, everyone was blown away. She was incredible, and it was the best gift for Joanne. And with the sun still shining we headed to Margam Park’s Orangery, where guests enjoyed welcome drinks, some photos, and some nibbles.

In the evening we wandered off for photographs towards the castle, so Mr and Mrs Radford could enjoy some time just the two of them (and me taking photos!) And we didn’t stop giggling, I really hope the sheer happiness of this day, really comes through on these photographs.

We ended the day with lots of dancing, Mr and Mrs Radford opened the dance floor with their first dance. It was an incredible day for them, but also an incredible day for me to be part of.



Melle Veronesi(non-registered)
They look so happy! And that castle! Amazing!
Amy Marsh(non-registered)
Absolutely stunning pictures. It was an honour to be a part of the special day! Xx
Joanne radford(non-registered)
Amazing xxxx
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